Best Chastity Cages | Don’t Throw Away The Key!

Chastity cages are a great way of spicing up your sex life. They open up the wonderful world of orgasm denial and domination. It’s incredibly hot knowing only your partner can unlock you, and not before you beg, plead, and grovel.

The problem with chastity cages is they are so niche and unknown that there’s not any authority resource on the subject. Well, we’re here to change that. My partners and I plan to share our experiences, knowledge, and understanding with you! With that said, let’s get right into it starting with the best chastity cages.

1. CB-6000 Male Chastity Kit

If you ever need to lock your dick up like it’s committed a heinous crime, this should be your go-to choice. It’s made from medical grade polycarbonate for skin-safe and comfortable wear. The CB-6000 is entirely transparent, vented, with a urination hole for prolonged wear.
CB 6000 cage review
It’s fairly customizable which is a bit of a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it’s great; you can find your perfect and comfortable fit. On the other hand, it took me about 20 minutes to find that fit. A small complaint!

Overall we were very satisfied with this toy.

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2. Fetish Fantasy Cock Cage

The Fetish Fantasy cage is perfect for the experienced or beginner user alike. It has a nice curve which contorts the penis in a slightly painful yet fashionable way.

Fetish fantasy extreme cock cage

This is the ultimate dominators tool and can be used in conjunction with some delectable teasing to prevent erections and orgasm. It does have a urination hole for longer term use.

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What is a Chastity Cage?

A male chastity cage is a device that fits over the penis to prevent an erection and orgasm. Perfect for teasing yourself or partner. Typically used in BDSM, female domination(femdom), or self-play. Although they look like a Dark Age torture device, they can be quite fun and pleasurable in a painful way. Pleasurable in a painful way is just the way we like it.


How Do Chastity Cages Work?

A chastity cage consists of two main parts – a ring which sits behind the testicles, and a tube or cage that entirely covers the penis and is small enough to prevent a full erection. The cage will have ventilation holes and a slit at the end for urination. This allows you to wear it overnight, to work, or out shopping without worrying about peeing your pants. I’ve seen and heard of many different fetishes, peeing yourself in the supermarket however, pretty darn rare!

Chastity cages are inflexible and narrow, holding the entire genitals in a fixed position until it is unlocked.

There’s also a type of chastity belt for men that include waistbands and a shield in front of the genitals. Behind the decorative shield is a penis tube. This type of ‘cock-lock’ is for the professional player – they are expensive works of art and beyond the scope of this article.

What To Look For in a Good Cage

Chastity cages are most commonly manufactured from high-grade plastic or metal. Your putting a tightly bound material around your dick, now is not the time to skimp out and get the Chinese made plastic.

Choosing between plastic and metal is mostly preference. Plastic is a touch lighter and more comfortable to wear. Plastic is also completely see-through, so the penis can be viewed in all its glory!

We find metal to be a bit more uncomfortable and more prone to pinching(ouch!). It also looks very medieval which can be off-putting or a turn on depending. Metal also has the downside of rusting. If you are diligent with cleaning and keeping it dry than rust will likely never form.

Before ever considering buying a cage you should size up your member. Getting a cage that is too small could lead to restrictive blood flow or very painful erections. Getting a cage that is too large and you won’t fit comfortably, and most of the cage will remain uninhabited.

Why Use a Chastity Cage?

The wearer is denied sexual pleasure, which conversely, brings sexual pleasure. Delaying or denying orgasms often creates an even greater sexual experience. It’s a very mental and emotional feeling. Ultimately, it’s about control and frustration.

The person holding the key has dominance and orgasm control over the wearer which can bring sexual pleasure to them too. It’s a one way or two-way game popular in BDSM and role-playing scenarios.

Some couples are so into cock cages that they’ve spent years using them in everyday life. They don’t show under clothing so can be worn shopping, to work and overnight.

How To Put On A Cock Lock

It’s kind of difficult to explain, but we will do our best. It will vary slightly depending on the brand and model.

If you have a hinged ring open it fully, and place it behind the testicles.  Clip the ring shut over the top of your penis.

If you have a solid ring push your testicles through the ring one at a time. Use lube if it helps, then push your penis through as well. It’s trickier, but some folk believe solid rings provide a better fit.

Cage Time…

You can’t put a cock lock on with an erection, so wait until the penis is flaccid, then using lube slide your penis into the tube until it’s fully encased.

Attaching the ring to the tube is done in different ways depending on your toy choice, but many have posts, pins, and potentially spacers to help find the best fit so just chose what’s comfortable (or uncomfortable if you prefer it that way).

Bring the penis tube up to meet the ring pins and lock it up.

Do Not Lose The Keys!

Some cages provide two keys – one for your key-holder and one for absolute last chance emergencies.

A trick is to freeze the spare key in an ice-cream tub full of water, so you have time to decide whether or not you are in an emergency situation. Also, imagine the hilarity of the retelling of the time you had to take a hammer to a massive block of ice to get a key to save your dick!

The Key-Holder

We’ve mentioned a key-holder, so let’s explore that.

As Spiderman’s uncle Ben once said, with great power comes great responsibility. Locking your partner up and then deciding to ghost them for the weekend is decidedly not cool.

Some men like a holder to keep their chastity cage key, so they feel domination in its extreme sense. BDSM professionals will hold a key, or if you trust your partner, they can be in charge.

You don’t need a key-holder, merely having their penis locked up is enough stimulation for some men. Keeping their cock safe, locked away, and under control is a huge turn on for many men and their partners.


Is it safe to wear for long periods of time?

Wearing a cock cage is safe as long as you aren’t cutting off circulation. If at any point you feel unusual amounts of pain or the skin begins to change color you should remove the cage immediately. Here’s a great article by Metro of a man who wore a chastity cage for three days straight and off and on for two weeks afterward!

There is one major issue with wearing a cock lock for multiple days or even weeks on end. Hygiene. While good chastity cages will come with a slit for urination or ejaculation, you’re still likely to get some on the metals bars or plastic. Furthermore, your bare skin is going to be rubbing and moving against the cage. This friction, even in small amounts will cause dead skin cells to accumulate. The smell can become a little much, and a rash can even form. We suggest that every few days you get in there, give your boys a bit of a scrub and thoroughly clean the cage. This will avoid any unwanted smells or rashes from ever occurring.

I’ve lost all the keys, what now?

Okay, don’t panic. Relax and think very carefully about where the key could be hiding. If you are sure it’s lost you have a couple of options. First, if you’re using a silicone toy, you should be able to break the silicone latch by twisting the lock slowly but forcefully. If you’re using a metal cage, your options are more limited. You could contact that manufacturer and have them send a key out overnight delivery. If you or a friend is handy with a saw, you could cut the lock, pray it does not come to this. If all else fails, you will have to make the walk of shame to the hospital. The professionals there have seen a lot worse and will have you out in a jiffy! Protection Status