Best g-spot Vibrators Reviewed | Treat Yourself This 2018

G-spot vibrators are one of those inventions you didn’t know you needed until you bought one on a whim, but once in your possession, it’ll take a tornado of snakes and sharks to part you.

Just in case you were wondering the ‘G’ doesn’t stand for ‘great’ it’s named after Ernst Gräfenberg – a German doctor who studied female arousal in the 1930s. He was very popular with the ladies of the time.

With that history lesson over let’s take a look at the ins and outs of the female g-spot and the toys to help your reach orgasm every time.

This is the best g spot toy on the market.

Does The G-Spot Exist?

So much debate over this question! Medical professionals might say there’s no evidence, but many women say yes, the G-spot lies just inside their vagina on the front wall, a few inches inside and it feels excellent.

The G-spot can be reached manually, but that’s pretty tiring. To find the G-spot, lube up and press your middle finger two inches inside facing the outer wall. You’ll feel a rough or folded area of skin there – make a come-hither motion with increasing pressure. When it feels good, you’ve found it.

The best way to find and stimulate the G-spot is with a specially designed G-spot vibrator because it’s easier to feel good when you’re not concentrating or contorted in a pretty unusual yoga position.

What Is a G-spot Vibrator?

Vibrators come in all shapes and sizes from a basic dildo to toys with SkyNet advanced technology. These are all designed to stimulate the clitoris, but G-spot vibrators go a step further because they are anatomically designed with a curve to reach the right spot.

G-spot vibrators are sex toys designed for internal use, so they buzz, vibrate, pulse and gently nudge the G-spot in a variety of patterns and strengths which results in OMG feelings and intense sensations, sometimes ejaculating orgasm.

Why Get One?

It’s pretty hard to reach your G-spot with your hands, and trying to guide another human is fraught with difficulty and annoyances. A G-spot vibrator is designed to hit the right spot straight away with instant pressure, and not flake out because someone’s hand is tired.

Men (and women of course) looking to please their partner could do worse than purchase a G-spot vibrator. Not only does it show you care about her pleasure, but it’ll also give you hours of fun in the sack too.

How to use a G-spot vibrator

Glad you asked!

To get the most out of your lovely new G-spot vibrator, you’ll need to lube up and press it inside about one to three inches with the curve facing forwards in the same direction as your nose. Then just press and search on a sexy treasure hunt until it feels good.

Everyone is different, but you can’t mistake those wonderful feelings once you’ve hit the right spot.  Lie back as it vibes away and the sensitive bundles of nerve endings will soon have you in a lather. The ‘spot’ will engorge with blood making it firmer as you happily ride the waves to orgasm.

Have a party on your own or ask your partner to man the controls, it’s all sexy fun.

Just remember to do what feels good for you. Some women like lots of firm pressure and others prefer a feather-light touch. There’s no wrong way to stimulate your G-spot – just go with what feels right. Protection Status