Fleshlight STU Review – Stamina Training Unit

The Stamina Training Unit, or STU for short, is an engineering masterpiece. It’s one of the few ways guys can build up their sexual stamina quickly. Specially designed to give an experience similar to the intense sensations of intercourse. Click here for a full list of all the best fleshlights.

The unfortunate truth is roughly 25% of all men will experience issues with premature ejaculation. Of that 25%, a significant portion may need help to increase their endurance. That’s where this specially designed Fleshlight comes into play.

Fleshlight STU

Leaving your partner unsatisfied can cause many issues. These issues are not only in the bedroom but can also seep into your entire relationship. Having a fulfilling sex leads to a happier and healthier relationship.

The worst part is that it can be a self-propagating problem. Orgasming quickly can lead to embarrassment and feeling of confusion for both you and your partner. This can, in turn, lead to even faster orgasms, or sometimes even move the problem to the other extreme. This can leave you without being able to maintain an erection due to a mental block.

I understand you probably hold reservations about the idea of using a sex toy to increase your endurance with a partner. However, in this case, the proof is in the pudding. The more experienced people become at something, the better at it they also become. The more often you have an experience similar to intercourse, the better you’ll become at sex.

We want to be clear on this point though. The STU is not a replacement for a living, breathing partner. While a Fleshlight can be intense and feel amazing, it can never match what another human can. That said, it is the best alternative you can buy.

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Every order is sent in a plain brown box with no distinct markings or logos. Your credit card statement will also be discreet not mentioning anything sex-related.

The Design

The Fleshlight STU works very simply. From the outer lips to the inner walls, it mimics the feeling of vaginal intercourse with a bit more intensity. The increased intensity helps during practice to make the real act not as tight.

inside the fleshlight stamina training unit

As you can see from the above picture, it’s a simple yet eloquent design.  Similar to a vagina, the entrance is tight and slightly hidden. After getting yourself inside, you’ll find circular beads that massage you from head to shaft as you move in and out. There are no tightening ridges, or unique grooves that give off the intense pleasure Fleshlight is known for. While it feels damn good, the primary purpose is to get you used to the real thing.

Premature Ejaculation

As we mentioned earlier, PE effects roughly 25% of all men. The root of this issue comes down to two distinct problems

  1. Sexual Inexperience. Men, especially younger men who haven’t had many opportunities to be around a woman in romantic situations often orgasm extremely quickly.
  2. Overactive Mind. We know that it’s tough to stay relaxed when in the heat of a passionate encounter. However, staying relaxed may be just what you need.


If you suffer from PE, or think you may be in a sexual relationship in the near future and just want to be prepared. The STU is the perfect product for you. Praticse on yourself and maybe even have your patner use it on you for a more mentally stimulating scenario. Either way, you’re sure to build endurance and confidence all the while having increadibly powerful orgasms. A win-win in our book.

Fleshlight STU Review
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