lisa Ann Fleshlight Review

Lisa Ann is one of the most popular MILF’s in the porn industry. She has performed in, and directed many famous adult films. Most notably, where she parodied former Alaska governor, Sarah Palin. She’s one hell of a woman and her signature Lisa Ann Fleshlight is as fun and wild as she is. Click here for a full list of our fleshlight reviews.

The Lisa Ann Fleshlight comes in two distinct sleeves and textures. The Lady, or vagina sleeve, and the butt sleeve. At just $79.16, this Fleshlight Girl is a steal! First and foremost, let’s take a look at the butt version.

Butt Orifice

The Savage(anal version) is cast directly from the stunning ass of Lisa Ann herself. It’s tight, it’s fun, and it’s begging for you to play with it. Based on user reviews and our own personal experience, the Savage is the tightest Fleshlight out. That’s how Lisa Ann wanted you to feel her.

The savage has an enhanced compression for that virgin butt feel. The entire insertable length is ribbed with a slight twisting motion. The grooves tighten and release around your penis the deeper you thrust. It has 9 inches of insertable length to accommodate any penis size.

The only real downside, it’s so tight and good that you’re not going to last more than a minute or two, no chance.

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Lady Orifice

While the butt maybe the tightest sleeve, you can’t go wrong with the classic “lady” sleeve. Molded to look exactly like Lisa Ann’s beautiful vagina. This signature texture is named “barracuda.” Unlike the savage, barracuda uses front facing bristles and an ever tightening canal to gently massage you. It’s much more subtle and slow than the savage.

This was great for those times you’re just looking to unwind, take it slow, and gently massage yourself to completion. As you first push your head in, you start to feel a bit of resistance. Here the bristles point towards you. After you make it through the first chamber, you reach a tightening canal. From here the bristles point away from you for the gentle massaging we spoke of. Each stroke moving you closer and closer to orgasm.

Overall, while not our personal favorite, it still gets the job done and feels damn good doing so.

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As always, Fleshlight takes your privacy very seriously. The shipping is completely discreet and so is the bill statement on your card.

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