Riley Reid Fleshlight Review

Riley Reid is a stunning beauty who has taken the adult film industry by storm. She is currently one of the top actresses with millions of people jerking it to her every month. Regularly performing in the highest grossing videos.

This made her a natural pick to become a Fleshlight Girl. Thus, the Riley Reid Fleshlight was born for your enjoyment. Click here for a full list of the best fleshlights.

Between her beautiful face, bubbly personality, perfect lips, and tight ass it’s easy to see why shes made it this far this fast.  She began her porn career at the tender age of 19, bless her heart. A history lessons not why you’re here though. For now, let’s dive right into her Fleshlight.

Similar to most Fleshlight Girls, you can buy the masturbation aid in two distinct versions. One, being the vagina version. The other being the butt or anal version. Some girls also have an oral version. Unfortunately, Riley does not.

Both the butt and vagina are molded after Riley’s lips and ass. Outside of having sex with her, this is the next best thing.

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The Utopia Texture

The Riley Reid Fleshlight uses a unique texture known as, Utopia. Utopia means an imagined place where everything is perfect. I think that’s the ideal name to describe it.

riley reid utopia sleeve texture

Above is a picture of the innerworkings of the Utopia. As you can see, the opening is quite tight with light ridges to tease you as you enter. The first pleasure chamber you enter has larger beads that massage the penis head and shaft. Once you make it past the first chamber, you move into a second, tighter chamber with smaller beads and ridges. This area gets tighter as you move deeper. The beads tickling every inch of your penis.

If this is your first time using the Utopia, expect to orgasm very quickly. Infact, I know many men who din’t even make it half way in without losing control.


Purchasing the Riley Reid Fleshlight is going to cost you $79.18. All the Fleshlight Girl products are a bit more expensive than the regular counterparts. This is because a portion of the proceeds go to the girls whose body it is modeled after. So you’re directly supporting your favorite actress.


Cleaning is always an issue when it comes to Fleshlights. No one enjoys the aftercare of removing your load from the deepest chambers of the pleasure chambers. However, it’s a small price to pay for incredible orgasms. For the most part, all you need is warm water and a bit of patience. Run the warm water into your fleshlight for a couple of minutes. Dumping the water and refilling it occasionally. This should thoroughly clean out any man-juice you left inside. As far as drying goes, just leave it somewhere with plenty of ventilation, and you’re good.


The Riley Reid Fleshlight is a wonderful first-timers product or can make a great addition to a collectors repertoire. But don’t just take my word for it, try it out yourself.

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