We Vibe Sync Review

Ever since the We-vibe was released on the market, it has been a huge success with couples. Over the years they have released a whole slew of different versions of the toy to try to get it perfect. While they may not be there yet, they are getting pretty damn close. The sync is a g-spot, clit, and penis stimulating couples vibrator.  Without further ado, let’s look at the We Vibe Sync review!

Features of the Sync

The idea is that it is a wearable couple’s rabbit vibe. Something that can be worn during penetrative sex that leaves your hands free to explore other areas. The We-vibe Sync is a “C” shape, and there is a small internal end with a flat side which sits inside the vagina and a thicker clitoral end that rests against the clitoris. As the penis slides in the vagina, he will get stimulation from the internal part, and the wearer receives stimulation from both the internal end and the clitoral end. There are two motors so each is just as strong as the other and they can be used independently. Each end has six vibration patterns and multiple levels of intensity so you won’t be getting bored any time soon.

we vibe sync couples vibrator

Image courtesy of we-vibe

Now, you’re probably thinking that this sounds the same as the We-vibe 4 Plus. And you are right. This is an updated version of the 4 Plus, with the main difference being that this time around, the two arms are adjustable. We-vibe listened to customer feedback (yay) and created a version that is posable. This means that you can adjust and position the arms of the toy to suit your body and it will stay like that. Hopefully, it will stay inside the body too as you play.

The other main drawcard for this toy is the We-Connect app. The app allows you to control the toy remotely from anywhere in the world via Bluetooth, so it is a godsend for long distance lovers. Inside the app, you can also message each other or video chat if you are feeling frisky. You can also create vibration playlists or even make the toy vibrate in time with your favorite music. One of the best things about the app is that it also tells you exactly how much charge your toy has left. Because let’s face it, there is nothing worse than a toy running out of steam before you do! Of course, you don’t have to use the app, and there is also a remote control so that you can adjust the vibration settings while you play without needing to whip your phone out. This is a mega bonus as no one wants lubed-up fingers all over their screens right?

The Sync is made from soft body safe silicone. It’s pretty smooth but not the softest I have felt, so it does require a fair bit of water-based lubricant to be comfortable for both partners. I’ve recently figured out that the matte texture is designed to offer more drag on the skin to help it stay in place during sex.

The We-vibe sync comes with a compact USB charging port that also doubles as the toys home when it’s not in use. Its nice and subtle too so no one wandering into your room will know what is inside. It charges using a magnetic charge, so you just pop it in, ensure the flashing light has come on so you know it is connected and you are set. A 2-hour charge gives you 90 minutes of play which should be more than enough.

My Experience

I get the idea, and I really like it as a concept. A vibrator like this has much more potential to offer direct stimulation to the clitoris during sex over something like a vibrating cock ring, but I just keep running into the same problem. It just doesn’t stay in place during sex.

The thing about penetrative sex is that it involves penetration and for me when the penis moved, the Sync moved with it. Although it does allow for more positions than the We-Vibe 4 Plus and there were times when it worked for me, more often than not, it didn’t. Although it’s meant to be hands-free, I find that if you don’t hold it in place while you play, it’s likely that it will still pop out. I can’t speak for all anatomies as this may fit some people’s bodies perfectly and they will have no issue at all, but it’s not been the case for me.

Now, this isn’t to say that the We-vibe Sync is a bad toy. While using it in a partnered situation had its difficulties, it was still exciting and fun, and by holding it in place with my hands, it felt super good. From the penis owner’s perspective, I think it was simply ok. He tried to match my enthusiasm for it, but I think that something else rubbing on his penis was an experience that he was happy to go without. Let’s just say he never asked to use it again…

What’s super cool about this toy is that sure you can use it as a couple’s toy (personally I would prefer to just chuck a bullet vibe in the mix), but if you have a clitoris and a vagina then you are in for a treat. I actually wayyyyyyy prefer to use the Sync as a solo toy. You just pop it on the same way you would if you were using it with a partner and go for gold. Without a penis tugging and making it pop out, its a pretty great clitoral stimulator.  It’s strong, pretty rumbly and damn do I love the ‘Wave’ mode of vibration. I find that the clitoral stimulator has more oomph and rumble than the internal part but that works perfectly for me.

Where The Sync Could Improve

So the shape and posable factor still aren’t perfect but I can get over that by just holding it which is no problem for me. But there are a few other things that you should be aware of.

The Sync We-Connect app is not compatible with all phones. If your phone isn’t fairly new or you haven’t been sticking to your updates, then you will likely not be able to download the app. And to make the most of the app you both need to have it so you can video chat. I was unable to download it myself so after that first trial, the app was actually never used again. The whole app thing is just a little gimmicky for me and while it is great for long distance its not something I would use in any other situation and just isn’t worth space on my phone. Also, connectivity issues are a real thing and they are a bloody nuisance when you are trying to get down. Just saying!

My other issue with the app is lubed-up hands on a screen. I do not want to be touching my smartphone with lube all over my fingers. You can actually control the toy on the product itself but it requires you to press the button over and over to scroll through the modes and you can’t do it easily if you are currently having sex too. Luckily it also comes with a remote control which makes it much easier to use if you are both in the room and using the Sync together.

Now, the bending arms. Have you ever brought a new, expensive sex toy and then started trying to bend it into a new shape? It is terrifying. Everything in your body is telling you not to do that for fear of breaking it. I know that it is designed to do just that, but it just doesn’t feel right…


If you are looking for one of the wearable vibrators from the We-vibe selection, then I highly recommend the Sync. While it may not be 100% hands-free and you may have issues with connectivity if you are using the app, overall this is a big step up from other models. However, it is more expensive so you will need to consider that too. If you already have the 4 Plus, it is probably worth sticking with for now but if you are new to this range, then this will give you the best result!



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