Womanizer Review

I know, I know. This is really one of the worst names for a sex toy ever. But, as tempting as it is, don’t let the name put you off as the Womanizer range is actually pretty damn amazing. If you haven’t already heard, the original Womanizer was the toy that kicked off the whole clitoral suction and pulsation movement, and in my opinion, it remains the best choice.

The Womanizer toy has gone through a lot of reincarnations over the years, from the extremely tacky but still great Womanizer W100, the very expensive Womanizer Pro, the 2go which looked like a lipstick for giants, the mini Starlet and even the Inside Out (which I am dying to try) and up to the Classic that we are looking at now. The Womanizer Classic is actually the replacement for the now discontinued Pro40. The brand describes this one as their “little black dress”, the classic toy among the collection and clearly the one that they want to be their flagship toy. And I have to say, I think this is a good decision.

What’s in the box?

In the box, you get the toy (yay), the charging cable, a carry bag, an extra silicone head that is slightly smaller than the one currently on the toy and some instructions. Everything you need to get you going. The Womanizer will have some charge when it gets there, but it won’t be fully charged. On a full charge, the Classic can last for up to 4 hours which is pretty damn impressive. It is USB rechargeable too which is super handy as you can charge it anywhere with a USB port. A full charge will take 2 hours to complete so make sure you set aside some time.

How does it look?

The look, although looking a little squished, it is a lot better than those first few iterations with the gemstones and the pink snakeskin and skulls… remember those? I sure do. But they have also taken away your choice of picking a color and you are stuck with purple! It’s fine. I would prefer black but I will settle for purple. The buttons are back on the outside of the toy again. Personally, I don’t really like this as it makes it a bit more difficult to make sure you are getting the right button when you need to move up or down an intensity level. The shape also looks slightly less like an ear thermometer than the original, but ultimately, it still kind of looks like an ear thermometer.

How does the Womanizer Classic Work?

The Womanizer range uses ‘Pleasure Air technology’ to stimulate the clitoris and bring you to orgasm. The silicone head actually sits around the clitoris. It encloses the clitoris and makes the air inside that area vibrate without the need for the toy itself to ever touch the clitoris. The airwaves feel like a gentle sucking and massaging and it is unlike any other sensation I have felt before. There are 8 different intensity levels to choose from. From a gentle but still intense pulse all the way up to a massively intense pulse. No matter which level you choose, it is still a seriously strong toy and honestly, that may be too much for some people. Even as an experienced Womanizer user, I very rarely go above the 2nd level. I think that the highest level I have ever used is the 4th and that was literally once. The last 4 levels are totally redundant for me. Even on those low levels, I have never failed to orgasm from this toy. Not once! Although if I want to go for round two anytime soon after I just can not get there and I don’t know why. I have read that some other reviewers have this issue too so it could be to do with the intensity of the toy. I just seem to need a lot more time to recover.

Something I find not so great about the Classic along with the rest of the Womanizer range is that it gets me there super fast even on the lowest setting. Now I know that this is perfect for some people, but sometimes I want the incredible orgasm from the Womanizer as well as some warmup too. It’s great if you want a quickie, but its not always the most fun or relaxing experience. If like me, you want to prolong your fun, I suggest that you warm up using another less rapid-fire toy and then chuck this into the mix when you are finally ready to roll into orgasm town.

It’s also no good for partnered sex and you can’t really use it with a dildo either unless you are very careful. Because it creates a seal, as soon as you lose that, you pretty much have to start again as the feeling, even if you are close to orgasm, disappears super quick. You basically can’t move the toy at all, unless you do some very subtle movements while keeping the seal intact. If you want or need something internal too then I recommend the Womanizer Inside Out instead as it has the suction and an internal shaft for vaginal stimulation too.

I know you probably all want to know about the sound and whether it is loud or not. So honestly, yes. It’s still a chugger when it comes to the sound and no Womanizer will ever be totally silent, but once it is pressed against your body it’s not so distracting and I don’t think it is loud enough to be heard through any walls. At least no one has said anything yet…

Final thoughts…

So is it worth the price? To me, yes. But honestly not if you have a Womanizer already. I honestly find them interchangeable. Obviously how they look is different and there are some with better button placement than the others but so long as you have one and you like it, there is no need to replace it until it dies. And then grab one of these!


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